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A Word about Keystones

In mid-2012, PopCap added the new feature "keystones" to the Bejeweled Blitz game. While they're called keystones, you can also sort of think of them as milestones. Basically, a keystone is another way you can earn coins, experience points ("xp") or other prizes such as blitz party tokens, or free/cheap rare gems.

I really like the idea of keystones for the following reasons:

  • They give us players the ability to earn more coins or other prizes in a new, unique way.
  • They allow us to occasionally play the game with a different goal such as earning a certain medal, or destroying certain gems instead of just always playing to get the highest score possible.
  • Most importantly, I like to think of keystones as learning tools that allow us to better understand certain aspects of the game (remember that knowledge is power and the better we understand the game of Bejeweled Blitz, the better we'll be able to play it).

Keystones appear under the bottom of the main playing area and are divided up into three difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. Additionally, each keystone has three disctinct elements: (1) the task you must achieve; (2) the reward; (3) the time left to complete the milestone, plus an indication of your progress (how close you are to completing it).

keystones explained

There are several different types of tasks/achievements:

  • Activate a certain number of gems across multiple games (like "destroy 100 green gems")
  • Activate a certain number of special gems in a single game
  • Achieve a certain medal (like a 100K medal), a certain score range (like between 157,000 and 173,000), or over a certain amount (like beating your current high score, or scoring higher than some other amount)
  • Play one or more Blitz Party games
  • Play some number of games without making an invalid move

Here are a couple more sample images of keystone rewards:

sample keystones

keystone trifecta

Every once in awhile, you might complete all three keystones in a single game! While this is very rare, it's not impossible as you can see in the last image above where I was lucky enough to complete 20 flame gems, 24 multipliers, and 600 white gems keystones in the same game!

Rewards are NOT applied right away. Instead, they are sent to your BB "messages" inbox, so be sure to check your messages once in awhile to claim your hard-earned rewards!

HINTS: some keystones might seem nearly impossible. For example, one "hard" keystone is to get TWO blazing speeds in the same game. This is extraordinarily hard: I only recall doing this twice in the past year. BUT you can make use of boosts or rare gems to help you. In this case, for example, you could use a free "Blazing Steed" gem which starts you out already in blazing speed mode thus opening the door for a second blazing speed in the same game. So put on your thinking cap and be on the lookout for boosts or rare gems that can help you achieve a keystone!