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Ideas and suggestions

This page discusses some possible ideas for improving Bejeweled Blitz. Mostly these are for the game developers, but they're fun to think about!

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Red, White, and Blue Keystones on USA holidays!

On holidays in the United States like July 4, Flag Day, Columbus Day, or even Labor Day and Memorial Day, make all new Keystone challenges be destroying a certain number of red gems, white gems, and blue gems!

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A new possible rare gem: the "MoonCat"!

picture of a moon cat

PopCap occasionally asks their players for suggestions for new gems. I suggest combining a MoonStone with a Cat's Eye. Follow this link for more information about this idea!

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Disallow same-color swaps

We all make mistakes when we're trying to play the game, especially if you're playing fast. I've lost SO much playing time and have interrupted good speed streaks by making incorrect moves. If PopCap would completely disallow gem swaps of the same color, this would be a great benefit to players.

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Show second or all hints with hint button

The "hint" button is a great idea, and implementing auto-hint was awesome, too. But repeated clicks on the hint button only show a single possible move, and it's always the same move.

Therefore, consider either highlighting all hints, or at least showing other possibilities with each subsequent click on the hint button.

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Keystones: allow players to buy one or all new ones

Even though keystones eventually expire, it is very frustrating when a keystone appears that is very difficult to achieve (like 5 star gems in the same game), or impossible (such as a player who chooses never to play the multi-player Blitz Party).

Therefore, offer players the possibility of replacing one or more keystones for some amount of a fee in coins.

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Multiple Detonators

Allow players the option of purchasing a detonator boost that will work twice in one game, perhaps for more coins.

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Consider more options for extended game time

I often think after I play a great game how much more fun and interesting it would have been if I had been allowed more than just 60 seconds to play. So please consider another class of game where it lasts for 90 or 120 seconds, or perhaps even some special move in situ that might add to the player's total time remaining.

Additionally, I would like to see an added time boost that is more than just 5 seconds. Whenever I've tried purchasing the extra time, it has seems like no time at all. Perhaps consider a more expensive 15-second extra time boost?

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More in-situ special situations

The special way that allows a player to clear the entire board is EXTREMELY COOL! Consider thinking about more such special situations. For example, matching three yellow coin gems in the same move might perhaps give the player more coins or some other bonus.

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Blazing Speed Bonus

Blazing Speed is pretty cool. But I often get into blazing speed mode, then I freeze and can't seem to find any further matches. It would be nice if there were some added bonus just getting to blazing speed mode, like an additional 10% added to your score or something similar. Then at least you won't feel like a total loser if you can't find a match by the time blazing speed ends. Maybe something like this has already been implemented, but if not it would be nice to see it, maybe with some brief on-screen notification.

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A possible new name for rare gems

When "rare" gems were first introduced with the advent of the Moonstone rare gem, they were truly "rare" in the sense that you might have to play a big bunch of games between getting offered a rare gem at the beginning.

However, now we have several rare gems, and a few times a month, we might see offers for buying a rare gem at the beginning of every game we play! So I think we need to reconsider the actual name "rare" gem, which isn't really so true these days.

Instead, I suggest PopCap change the name of rare gems to "Super Gems". I think that name more accurately represents what these powerful gems do, without the restrictions of the word "rare".