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Happy Hour

BB Happy Hour happens once a week, on Fridays. It's now six hours long and occurs at the same time every Friday, from 5 PM to 11 PM Eastern time. Since happy hour occurs just for those six hours, in the United States, that means that the hours are different for each time zone:

image of when happy hour occurs in each time zone

(Sometimes happy hour starts earlier, but these six hours are the official current "happy hour".)

Happy Hour is an awesome time to play BB because in addition to Friday being the beginning of the weekend, there are a couple other benefits:

  1. The multiplier gem boost is free during this time, so your first multiplier gem image of a multiplier gem appears on the board for free! The page where you buy boosts will look like this:

              image of boost buying screen

    Even if you only take advantage of the free multiplier boost during happy hour and you buy no other boosts nor any rare gems, your average score during that time will end up being significantly higher than usual, up to two or even three times as high, so definitely try to play during happy hour if you can!

  2. Coins can be bought with fb credits for half price! (see the coins page for more details about how much coins cost)

WATCH OUT FOR THIS: sometimes after the happy hour period is over, the boost screen might still indicate that multiplier boosts are free, when in fact they have gone back to 7500 coins. When clicking that boost, watch your coin stack to make sure the multiplier gem is really still free!

Happy hour used to be shorter. Follow this link to see an image of what the old happy hour hours were.