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NOTE: Bejeweled also publishes their own FAQ page. To see their FAQ, go to Bejeweled Blitz on facebook and click on "Help".

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: On average, how many games per hour can you play, and how many coins can you earn?

A: When you play a game without buying any boosts or rare gems, we refer to that as "free-play mode", or "practice mode". You can play about 40 games per hour and you can earn up to 20,000 coins.

Q: Since each game is 60 seconds long, shouldn't I be able to play about 60 games in one hour? You claim you can only play about 40 games per hour. Why?

A: If you take into consideration all the extra time each game can take (like the timer stopping briefly during some special gem activations or the variable time the Last Hurrah can take), then throw in a bathroom break or food break and 40 games per hour is a good estimate.

Q: Are the new gems that appear from the top of the screen totally random?

A: Not completely. By virtue of the fact that the game will necessarily end if there are no further moves possible on the board, there has to be a certain level of non-randomness to falling gems

Q: Is it possible in the middle of your game for a board to appear that has no valid move?

A: Yes! I've seen this a few times. Here's an example:

Image of a BB board with no possible moves

However, as time passes PopCap continually updates their software, and since I haven't seen a "stalemate" board like the above for awhile, I'm nearly certain this is a problem they have addressed.

Q: When looking for moves/matches, is it a good idea to try to concentrate on one color at a time--like make all moves possible with red gems, then switch to yellow, etc.?

A: Yes and no! This technique works pretty well for matching-type games that don't have a time limit (such as pogo.com's "Poppit!" game). But my feeling from playing BB is that concentrating on one color at a time isn't such a great idea.

This is because it takes a little bit of time to make your eyes and brain switch colors, plus by only concentrating on one color at a time, it's easy to miss other-colored moves that might be better moves to make. Plus, you might even ruin these good moves. In general, I recommend that you follow the basics: see "Detailed Tips/Strategy".