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Understanding the difference between points, coins, and facebook credits

This page should help you understand the difference between BB game points, BB game coins, and facebook credits.

After each BB game you play, you will see a screen like this:

image of BB endgame


Points are also called "Experience Points", or just "XP".

The points you earned in the game you just finished is your score for the game--71,600 in the image above. Your best score of the week is displayed in the leader board (just to the right of the game play area), which lists all your BB friends' best score of the week. The competition between BB friends shown in the leader board is one of the things that makes BB such a cool game!

The "points to go to reach next points level" indicates the total number of points you will need until you achieve the next "points level". In the image above, it will take 7,230,000 more points to reach level 176.


The coins areas in the image above show how many coins you earned in the previous game--500 in the image above, and your current coin stack is displayed near the top--20,000,000 in this example. This number shows how many coins you have earned, bought, or received for free since you started playing BB minus the coins you have spent buying boosts and rare gems.

You can get BB coins in the following ways:

  • You earn coins in each game of BB that you play. The number of coins you earn during "free play" (practice mode) will be between 0 coins and 1200 coins per game. After you become pretty good, you should average around 500 coins per game. [FREE]
  • Once every 24 hours, you get a "Daily coin spin" where you get between 500 and 1,000,000 coins for free. Additionally, you get more free coins every day based on how many BB friends you have and how many days in a row you have participated in a free spin. [FREE]
  • You can get some free coins by friends who share them with you after their own good free spin, or through mystery treasures or total points earned among your BB friends, and perhaps other ways as well. [FREE]
  • You can receive a special gift of coins from a facebook BB friend. [FREE to you, but costs your BB friend some facebook credits]
  • You can get free coins by participating in any number of facebook advertisers' special offers. Please note that this often requires you to take some action such as signing up for an account on an advertiser's site, or purchasing something. [FREE with a catch]
  • You can buy coins with facebook credits. [$$]

What can coins be used for?

At the moment, you can use your coins only for two things: buying boosts and buying rare gems.

I would like to see BB/PopCap add two other options:

  1. The ability to transfer coins between BB players. This would enable BB players to gift part of their large BB coin stack to their friends, or to offer a coins prize for a BB tournament.
  2. The ability to trade in coins for a special real gift such as a BB key chain, hat, or other promotional prize.

Facebook Credits

Facebook credits can be purchased with real $$ through a credit card or paypal. Your facebook credits can be used for a variety of things on facebook, including buying coins in BB.

You can use your facebook credits to purchase BB coins. Use your coins to buy rare gems or boosts. But what is the relationship to the real cost of coins and facebook credits? We'll use the example of buying a Phoenix Prism rare gem for 75,000 coins and will show how much it costs between buying a phoenix in free play vs. buying coins with facebook credits.

Buying a Phoenix Prism using coins earned in free play (practice mode): we have previously estimated that an experienced player can earn up to about 20,000 coins per hour in free-play mode. It will take you about 3 hours and 45 minutes to earn enough coins to buy a phoenix. We can round that time up to about 4 hours.

Buying a Phoenix Prism using coins bought with fb credits: first, to start the purchasing process, look in the upper-right portion of your browser screen:

image of upper-right portion of facebook bb page

Click on "Get more" to buy more facebook credits.

Now we need to find out how much facebook credits cost:

image of how much fb credits cost

Now we need to find out how many coins you can get per facebook credit:

image of how many coins you can buy per facebook credit

As in life, the more product you buy, the better the deal. So let's figure out the best and worst deals:

  • Worst deal: if you buy the minimum amount of facebook credits (50 for $5.00) and then you subsequently purchase the minimum amount of BB coins (110,000 coins for 22 fb credits) then your cost is $2.20 for 110,000 coins, or about $.02 (2 cents) per 1,000 coins.
  • Best deal: If you buy the best deal possible, (2,360 credits for $200.00) and then you subsequently purchase the best possible deal for coins (5,500,000 coins for 496 fb credits) then your cost is about 76% of a penny per 1,000 coins, obviously a much better deal.

(See also the simple math behind this)

To put this into practical BB terms, if you use only facebook credits to buy coins, then when you purchase a Phoenix Prism rare gem at 75,000 coins, you will be spending about $1.50 using the worst coins deal, and about $0.57 (57 cents) using the best coins deal.

Purchasing a phoenix using free play coins: 4 hours
Purchasing a phoenix using worst fb credit/coin deal: $1.50
Purchasing a phoenix using best fb credit/coin deal: $0.57
Beating your friends to the top of the BB Leader board: PRICELESS!


I hope this page has helped you better figure out the relationship between BB points, coins, and fb credits. Here's a summary:

  • Points and points level show your score in the previous game, and track your total points progress to date
  • Coins are earned or bought with fb credits. Use them to buy boosts and rare gems
  • Facebook credits are bought with real money and can be used to buy coins.

If you're a penny-pincher like me, you might prefer playing BB in "practice mode" (don't buy boosts or rare gems) to earn free coins (about 4 hours to buy a Phoenix Prism rare gem), or if you have some expendable cash, you might prefer buying some facebook credits and buying coins instead. A Phoenix Prism rare gem will cost between 57 cents and $1.50.

NOTE: These prices are accurate as of July, 2011. Prices may change.

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