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Boosts are special powers that you can buy with coins at the beginning of each game to help you get a higher score. The page where you buy boosts looks like this:

image of boosts buy page

When purchased, each of these boosts gives you unique and useful help in your next three games:

The five boosts
Name Image Price
(in coins)
Mystery Gem
image of bb mystery gem boost
Puts a random special gem on the board at the beginning of the game.
image of detonator boost
Detonates all special gems on the board. Usable once per game.
image of scrambler boost
Scrambles all gems on the board. Usable twice per game.
+5 Seconds
image of +5 seconds boost
Adds 5 seconds to the end of the game.
Bonus Multiplier
image of bonus multiplier boost
Puts a multiplier on the board at the start of the game.

Best Boosts

Which boosts are the best? This may be a matter of opinion, but this top 5 countdown will give you my least and best recommendations if you're trying to get a high score:

  • #5: I rank the Mystery Gem boost in fifth place as the least recommended boost. All this boost does is puts a single special gem on the board at the start of the game, either a flame gem, a star gem, or a hypercube. But it is very simple for a player to create this on their own. In fact during the course of a game you might create and activate up to a couple dozen special gems, so it's definitely not worth 2,000 coins per game to get just one special gem.

  • #4: The +5 Seconds boost ranks second worst. This is because 5 seconds isn't very much time to make a difference in your game. It is only an extra 1/12th of your total time (8.5%), and therefore will very rarely help beyond boosting your score by that much. Now if there were a *+15 second* boost, I might change my mind!!

  • #3: The Detonator boost is really cool because it activates every special gem that is currently on the screen. Too bad you can only do this once!

  • #2: Coming in as the second-most-valuable boost is the Scrambler. Its primary value is that when you are stuck and you activate it, it will mix up the board, potentially giving you lots more potential matches. The ideal use of a Scrambler is to keep a Blazing Speed streak going for more points. Not only that, a scrambler can be used TWICE in one game. And at only 4,000 coins for three games, it is also the top choice if you want to buy just a single boost.

  • #1: The Bonus Multiplier boost is the best boost. This is because the key to high scores is to create and activate multiplier boosts throughout your game. Starting off your game with an x2 multiplier already created and ready to activate is a huge help to a high score.

Be sure to try each boost so you can decide which one works best for you! Also, some boost combinations work really well with each other. For example, combining a multiplier boost with a detonator boost allows you to detonate the x2 special gem right away thereby doubling your points right away! So try different combinations to see which you like best.

The "Three Boostketeers"

It would be really cool if we could buy all 5 boosts to use throughout a game, but unfortunately we are only allowed to buy 3 boosts at once :-(.

Therefore, we've coined the top three boosts above to be the "Three Boostketeers"! These three boosts work very well together, allowing you to get some of your highest scores. Use the detonator to double your score right from the beginning, or keep it in reserve for when there are lots of special gems on the board. And use the scrambler to keep your speed score going and maybe achieve Blazing Speed!

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